Nintendo預付序號HKD 300


透過Nintendo預付序號可於香港區Nintendo eShop購買遊戲和付費下載軟體等。HKD 300的Nintendo預付序號在Nintendo eShop上可登錄HKD 300。

Activation number can be used to purchase software and downloadable software on Hong Kong region Nintendo eShop. Nintendo activation number valued HKD 300 can be added to Nintendo eShop.


※適用於香港區Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite/Nintendo 3DS上的Nintendo eShop。This product can only apply to Nintendo eShop of Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite/Nintendo 3DS which region is set as “Hong Kong”

※使用「立即下載」功能時,無法增值到Nintendo 3DS。Value cannot be added to Nintendo 3DS when using “Download Now” function

※圖片僅供參考。販售的是Nintendo預付序號,並非此卡。Image for reference only. Actual product is a set of activation number instead of the card.

Nintendo Switch



  • 遊玩商品時,有可能需要將Nintendo Account地區設定為香港(Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite適用)。
  • 遊玩商品時,有可能需要將主機版本更新至最新版本。
  • 本商品僅適用於香港區Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite/Nintendo 3DS。
  • 若軟體含有線上遊玩模式。使用線上遊玩時需已連接網路之環境和加入Nintendo Switch Online (付費)。
  • 利用保管儲存資料之服務時,需要加入Nintendo Switch Online(付費)。
  • 下載商品至主機上時,需確保主機容量多於商品資訊上所記載之容量。容量不足時,請整理不必要的軟體或使用有充足容量之microSD卡。


  • 除香港法律或其他地方法律另有規定外,已購買的商品不可重發、退款、補償,或在登錄後進行轉讓等。此外,已登錄的商品和已購買的內容等不可退貨、退款、兌換現金、轉讓。


  • 完成購買後,下載序號會發送到顧客Nintendo Account所登記之電子郵箱。可在主機上輸入下載序號兌換商品。



  • The region of Nintendo Account may need to be set as Hong Kong before playing (Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite).
  • Console system may need to update to the latest version before playing.
  • This product can only apply with Nintendo Switch/NIntendo Switch Lite/Nintendo 3DS in Hong Kong region.
  • Nintendo Switch Online Account (paid) and network environment are required for any online services.
  • A Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) is required for Save Data Cloud backup.
  • To install the purchased product, you may need more storage than the amount listed here. If you don't have enough storage available, delete unncessary software or use a microSD card (sold separately) with enough space.

Return/Refund policy

  • Product which is purchased cannot be re-issued, refunded, compensated nor transferred after registration, except as specified in the laws and regulations applying in Hong Kong or other regions. Additionally, any registered products and any shopping service products that have been once been purchased cannot be returned, refunded, redeemed nor transferred.

Delivery Policy

  • Download Code will be sent to the email which customer registered on Nintendo Account once the transaction is completed. Please kindly input the download code on Switch console to redeem the product.


  • Should you have any inquiries, please email to
HKD 300.00